Therapy & Coaching FAQs

FAQs about Therapy & Coaching

I’m not currently taking new clients at this time, but if you wish to be on my wait list email me HERE.


  • I provide virtual individual, couples, and family therapy to clients in the following states: California, Florida, and Georgia.

  • I provide virtual individual and couples coaching to clients throughout the world.

  • Payment for sessions are due at time of booking the appointment.


Areas of 14+ years of clinical expertise include:

  • Sex therapy, sexual health, intimacy differences, sexual dysfunction, desire discrepancies, sexual communication

  • Dysfunctional relationships, repairing trust, communication issues, toxic behavior, affair recovery, navigating infidelity, navigating breakup/divorce

  • Transgender identities, gender/sexual identity exploration, LGBTQIA+ relationship issues, social/medical transition, navigating LGBTQIA+ family dynamics

  • Polyamory, open relationships, BDSM, kink, lifestyle exploration, relationship navigation

To get started

NEW Clients: (read all of the above before moving forward)

1st: Book a virtual session through the link you’ll receive from Dr. Kristie. Payment is due at time of booking the appointment.

2nd: Your appointment isn’t confirmed until after payment is made. You will receive a follow-up email about details of appointment after payment is made.

3rd: For virtual sessions, new client forms must be received prior to our first session.

New client forms

All three new client forms must be completed and submitted prior to the first virtual session. If you are booking a couples session, each person must complete a set of forms