Redefine intimacy through the fix yourself first approach to get the connection you deserve in your relationships. 


Redefine intimacy through the fix yourself first approach to get the connection you deserve in your relationships. 

Ready to experience true
fulfillment in your relationships?

I believe in a fix yourself first approach that allows you to reconnect with yourself so that you are better able to express your needs and wants in your relationships.  

Whether sex and intimacy isn’t like it use to be or you feel like you have to compromise because that’s the status quo advice, I help people like you take ownership for their needs first so that they find the confidence they need to better connect with their partners.

“IIM has changed my life. I started out somewhat ambivalently trying to understand unhealthy patterns in my marriage. I was full of shame and self-blame. By gaining a better understanding of my own needs and how to communicate those in my relationship, I gradually gained a non-judgmental view of what was wrong, what I needed to do to work toward a solution, and what aspects were beyond my control.”


Let’s do a quick check in.
Does this sound like you?

→ You take time for everyone else around you, except yourself.

→ You struggle to say no, create boundaries, and sometimes feel resentment in your relationships.

→ You struggle with sex and physical intimacy which causes conflict in your relationship.

→ You’re not alone and you’re certainly in the right place.

How to work with me 

I work with individuals, groups, and large facilities to ensure confident and competent care. 
I provide one-to-one work through my Individual Intensive Program and the Couples Intensive Program. 

Fix Yourself first Course

Ideal Intimacy Method
for Women™

 couples intensive
program Experience

You want to consistently grow and do what’s best for you but, you struggle with self-sabotage, people pleasing, confidence, and communication. You know you need to speak up for your needs but it feels impossible at times. The Fix Yourself First course is the fastest way to work on your personal growth so you can create the relationships you deserve.

You struggle with saying ‘no’, and feel emotionally/physically disconnected in your relationships. Whether single or partnered your craving true connection and to feel at peace with a sense of security in yourself and others. The Ideal Intimacy Method for Women™ is a coaching program designed to help you reconnect with who you are to understand your needs, communicate your needs without conflict, and get the intimacy you deserve.

If you're ready to heal your relationship and improve intimacy as a couple, then let's get to work. In this program combo of in-person intensive and virtual sessions, unlimited text support, and homework, we'll create the relationship you deserve.




“IIM has been amazing! Not only have I learned so much more about intimacy, but I have also met amazing people who share similar thoughts and ideas about intimacy. I have always thought something was "wrong" with me or that I must be "weird". But actually I am just FINE! Sure, I have things to learn and opportunity to grow and develop, but at the end of the day there is nothing "wrong" with me. Being a part of this group has helped me realize there ARE people out there like me AND with some focused effort and work I can improve myself and in turn improve the relationships I have with others. I am so glad I decided to be a part of this great group.”


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Fix Yourself First

Figure out who you are as a whole person, break through your barriers, and
take consistent action to live the life you deserve?
This is 100% possible and you deserve it!