#45 How to Keep Anxiety From Controlling Your Life – Dr. Kristie Overstreet | Certified Sex Therapist + Clinical Sexologist

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#45 How to Keep Anxiety From Controlling Your Life

Fix Yourself First - Episode 45

March 25, 2020

Is COVID-19, self-isolating, and being at home all the time, causing you to feel more anxious than usual? With all of the chaos and uncertainty we are experiencing now, anxiety, stress, and worry are at an all-time high. You have more control over your thoughts and feelings than you realize.

Join me for this episode, where I discuss the mental-physical connection of anxiety, tips on how to take back control of your self, and the benefits we are experiencing through this crisis. From strategies to decrease stress to practical advice, don’t miss your opportunity to regain control over your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.