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#48 What Most Couples Get Wrong About Communication

Fix Yourself First - Episode 48

April 15, 2020

Communication is one of the most common issues that couples deal with. The problem is that most couples get a few things wrong went they try to work on their communication. From the blame game to the argument cycle, to using words that don’t work, I’ll cover the five most common mistakes couples make in this area and what you can do to fix them.

Here’s an overview:

  • How to stop talking at one another versus to one another
  • Why you need to hold yourself accountable when you screw up
  • How to not get stuck in the blame game
  • How to stop using words that don’t work
  • How to stop jumping on your partner for what you think they say versus what they actually say

If you’re ready for straight forward advice on how to improve your connection with communication, don’t miss this episode.