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#66 Body Image & Diet Recovery with Stefanie Bonastia

Fix Yourself First - Episode 66

August 19, 2020

Have you ever struggled to love, like, or accept your body? In this week’s show, Stephanie Bonastia, a Diet Culture Recovery Coach, tells us everything we need to know to stop the unhealthy and toxic connection we have with our body and food. She shares her journey and struggles with an eating disorder since she was a teenager and the steps she took to learn to accept her body and whole self.

Her practical advice and tips will challenge how you think about body acceptance. She points out the mistakes we make with food, the problems with diet culture, and how our relationship with ourselves affects those who love us. We discuss how to talk with your kids about food to set them up for success and what our bodies are truly capable of. From our ability to self-regulate to how our body image affects our sexual selves, don’t miss this episode.

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