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5 Tips to Stay Balanced When You Are Busy

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September 5, 2018

Feeling overwhelmed by your schedule and to-do list? Are you hard on yourself because you think you aren’t getting enough accomplished?

If you laugh at the idea of a balanced life, I get it because I use to do the same thing.

Life is hectic, but it’s still our responsibility to stay balanced. From one busy person to another, here are five proven tips to help you find balance.

1. Schedule time to be alone

Everyone needs to have time alone. Being around people at work or managing a family can be exhausting. Your ability to have time alone is a natural way to reconnect and recharge.

DO IT: Even if you can only manage 20-30 minutes take it. If you are an introvert like me, being around people can be tiring. You need to schedule time alone so you can recharge. You can read, take a bath, go for a walk, listen to a podcast, or anything you choose to do in solitude.

2. Schedule time for your relationships

From friendships to personal relationships, you need to make them a priority. Even if you can’t see a friend, you can at least give them a call, text, or Facetime. We are all time poor, but we still have to make time for those that are important to us.

DO IT: Set up alerts in your calendar to remind you to reach out to friends, especially those you haven’t spoken with in a while. Don’t wait until you are struggling or need support. Those that support you also need to be checked on.

3. Get outside

Don’t sit at a desk, cubicle, or inside all day. Take time to breathe fresh air and experience what’s around you can help you stay balanced.

DO IT: Go for a walk during a break, step outside every few hours, or sit outside whenever you can. Your senses will be stimulated and you will feel more balanced.

4. Step away from your phone

Are you guilty of having your phone within arms reach most of the time? If you can’t do an activity or watch TV without checking your phone, then it’s time to step away. To have a better balance you need to detach from your phone.

DO IT: Pick one day per week to leave your phone in the other room. For me, it’s Saturday or Sunday that I leave my phone in the bedroom. At first, it was difficult because I had formed a habit of always doing something versus being in the moment. Now I look forward to the days of the weekend when I leave my phone behind.

5. Focus on finances twice per month

Financial stress is overwhelming. If you are checking your account every day, you are making it worse. You aren’t solving your anxiety by checking your account that frequently.

DO IT: Pick two days per month to pay bills, balance your account, and plan for the next month. My days are the 10th and 25th of each month. It took a few months to align bills and due dates but now these two days are when I handle finances. I do occasionally take a brief look at my account to make sure everything is in order. Putting this system in place can help you feel more balanced and in control of your finances.

Life doesn’t slow down for anyone, but these five tips can help you stay balanced. Time alone, time with friends, getting outside, leaving your phone behind, and only focusing on finances twice per month will give you the balance you desire.

What is your favorite way to stay balanced? Share them with me in the comment section.Let’s work together

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