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7 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Need to Feel Inspired

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September 10, 2018

Inspiration doesn’t fall out of the sky. Sometimes you have to take action to find it. If you are ready to dig deep, here are seven questions that will help you find the inspiration you desire.

1. What makes me happy?

Think about what brings a smile to your face. Regardless of how simple or small you think it is. What are you doing to surround yourself or take part in these things that bring you happiness? Take action to get in touch with these things because enjoyment sets the stage for inspiration.

2. Are my thoughts or self-talk getting in the way?

Negative thoughts block inspiration. These don’t allow inspiration to grow and thrive. You only have so much bandwidth available. Don’t allow these types of thoughts to continue to rent space in your head. What negative thoughts or self-talk can you let go of?

3. Are my goals too big and overwhelming?

I am a fan of big goals, but if you haven’t broken them down into smaller ones, you won’t achieve them. Then you feel like a failure. What smaller and more achievable goals can you create that will add up to you accomplishing your big goals?

4. What am I missing that use to help me feel inspired?

Think back to the past when you felt inspired. What were you doing at the time? Where were you? What was surrounding you? Identify these things that you can re-create or reconnect in your life.

5. Where can I go for a change of scenery?

Your day-to-day monotonous routine can keep you stuck and uninspired. Get out of your surroundings. Travel does provide a breeding ground for inspiration. If you can’t jump on a plane to a faraway place, go to a local park, take a blanket, a journal, and allow yourself to be inspired. Your internal reflection along with a change of scenery can foster inspiration and creativity.

6. Am I hard on myself?

It can feel impossible to be inspired if you are constantly beating yourself up. Second guessing your decisions or telling yourself you are a screw up can’t help you. I make mistakes every day. If I beat myself up every time I make a mistake, I would never move forward. To get inspired start by cutting yourself some slack.

7. Do I have a vision and can I see it?

Do you have a vision of how you want your future to look? What are your goals for self-growth? What things inspire you to work towards it? If you don’t have one, create a vision board where you can collect your ideas, pictures, clippings, or anything that inspires your vision. Keep it in a visible place, so you see it multiple times per day.

We could all use more inspiration and motivation in our lives. However, if we sit around and wait for it, we are wasting time. It’s our responsibility to find what inspires us. Use these seven questions and don’t wait another day. Know someone who is struggling to find inspiration, share this post with them.

What inspires you? Share it in the comments below.

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