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Dump Your New Years Resolution For a Lifestyle Change

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December 28, 2017

In last week’s post, I provided you with evidence of why you are good enough and can tackle anything in your life. This week in preparation for the end of 2017, I want you to avoid a New Year’s resolution and adopt a lifestyle change.

You make New Year’s resolution every year around this time. Do you remember what your resolution was for last year? Were you able to accomplish it? How long did you stay motivated to work on your resolution? You have spent too much time not reaching your goals. This year do something different. You need to avoid making a New Year’s Resolution and instead make a lifestyle change. Here are the five steps to get the permanent changes you are looking for.

Step 1: Make a list of changes you want in 2018.

Write down every change that you want to happen in your life over the next year. Think of this as the brainstorming stage so don’t hold back. Come up with at least five changes you desire. Be very specific with your changes.

  • Don’t write “I want to lose weight.”
  • DO write “I will lose 25 pounds in 2018.”  
  • Don’t write “I want to more productive.”
  • DO write “I will be more productive so I can complete my goal of finishing my _______ project.”

Step 2: Look back at your list and pick three changes.

You have to be realistic, that is the difference in a resolution and a permanent lifestyle change. Even if you made a list of 20 changes, only pick three for the year. You can always add more if you achieve and maintain the three you picked.

Step 3: What are you willing to do different in your life to achieve your goals?

Look back at the three changes you picked. For each change, write out what you are willing to do to accomplish it. Identify at least five things you will do to achieve each goal. Ask yourself, “What am I willing to do differently in my life?” For example, if you want to lose 25 pounds then you need to be willing to meal prep for the week every Sunday. You already know that the type of food you consume plays a big part in weight. If you aren’t willing to meal prep every Sunday, then you may not reach your goal.

Step 4: Start now, don’t wait until January 1st.

A lifestyle change is permanent and doesn’t require a start date in the future. Begin to make your changes today. If you wait until January 1st, then you are treating it as a New Year’s Resolution, not a lifestyle change. Start this process as soon as you read this post. There is no better time than the present.

Step 5: Build an accountability network.

You can do this on your own, but it will be much harder. Find someone to help hold you accountable. Find someone you can talk to about your progress and struggles. Whether it’s a friend, support group, family member, or therapist, don’t do this by yourself. Find someone that will check in with you and ask you where you are in your growth. Whether you reach out to me to be your accountability coach or someone else, you deserve help.

Now get started

You now know the five steps to get started. No more excuses or reasons why you can’t take action. You can do this, and you deserve to reach your goals. No one can do it for you. Could you benefit from an accountability coach or someone to help you develop a plan to achieve your goals this year? I am now taking clients for 1:1 coaching for more information visit here.

What three goals do you want to work on this year? What are you willing to do differently? How bad do you want to accomplish these three goals this year? Share them with me in the comment section below.Let’s work together

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