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Guest Post: Becoming Stronger by Embracing Your Weaknesses

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March 9, 2019

Author: Anonymous

Although it may be hard to accept, everything we do in life may won’t always come with ease. We aren’t all made the same, and how we look, act, and perform will all vary. However, over time, constantly comparing ourselves to others can actually distort our self-image and worsen our weaknesses. When you choose to embrace and understand your character flaws rather than dwelling on them, you’ll begin to feel more liberated.

It may come as a shock, but keep reading to learn about what can happen when you begin to embrace yourself for who you are.

You’ll discover your fears

Believe it or not, our weaknesses are oftentimes masked as fears. However, it’s important to acknowledge whether you’re actually bad at doing something or if you’re just too fearful to do it. Sometimes we’re so scared we’ll fail at something, so we’ll give up before we’ve even made an attempt. While in other instances, we may have legitimate weaknesses that could be worked on. When you take the time to recognize the difference between shortcomings that have you can grow from, and weaknesses that are rooted from fear, you’ll be able to accept them allowing them to lead you forward rather than holding you back.

Better opportunities will arise

Once we’re able to not only recognize our weaknesses, but also welcome them, life’s opportunities may feel endless. We’ll be able to make positive changes in our lives and allowing room for growth, both personal and professional. For example, if you’re self-conscious about changing your career because you’re nervous you’ll perform poorly in an interview, you can focus on this weakness and take responsibility for it. You’ll try to become more knowledgeable about the new career field, prepare for your interview, and open the door to more potential opportunities.

You’ll start creating better relationships

Astonishingly, once you start embracing your weaknesses, you’ll also be strengthening your relationships with others. People appreciate vulnerability and authenticity. The more you display your true self, the more likely the people around you will feel comfortable enough to do the same. You’ll begin to see the people around you opening up more about their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. When you’re are able to be honest with yourself and in your relationships, you’ll deepen and strengthen your connections.

Self love starts to flow

Constantly focusing on your weaknesses can make you feel inadequate leading to you putting forth an immense effort to hide them. Once you realize that having weaknesses are human, and that everyone has them (maybe even the same ones as you), you’ll cultivate more compassion for yourself. Regardless of the weakness you withhold, it’s much better to embrace them rather than concealing them. Acceptance allows you to make those positive changes and in turn practice self-love more often.

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