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LIVESTRONG – Sleep Hacks for Couples in Relationships

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September 3, 2021

Dr. Kristie Overstreet contributes to why couples may benefit from sleeping separately.

Article by Jaime Osnato for LIVESTRONG.

Have you ever thought of the benefits from sleeping in separate beds?

Maybe you do not realize how it could improve your overall health. Keep reading!

Benefits of Sleeping in Separate Beds

You know the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder​?”​ Well, this is a perfect example.”When you have separate rooms, it also allows you to miss one another,” Overstreet says. You might find you’re more excited to see each other, she adds.

For some couples, sexy time before bed becomes the default. But if you’ve had a long day or you’re just not in the mood, you might worry about feeling pressured to perform or rejecting your partner. By sleeping in separate beds, you can eliminate this expectation to have sex, Overstreet says.

At the end of a busy day, sometimes what you crave most may be a little personal space to relax and recharge. And sleeping solo can help you get that.

“When you’re in separate rooms, it’s more likely you will sleep uninterrupted and have time for self-care, including reading, watching TV or anything just for you without interfering with or disturbing your partner,” Overstreet says.

Tips for Couples Sleeping in Separate Beds

Before you split into separate rooms, you must have a thoughtful conversation. “This needs to be a joint decision with both people seeing how they can benefit from it,” Overstreet says.

While a stigma may still exist around separate beds, it shouldn’t.

“There is a misconception that sleeping in separate rooms is always a bad thing, and that’s not the case,” Overstreet says. Sleeping single doesn’t have to signal a negative move in the relationship, she says.

Couples don’t need to commit to this separate sleeping arrangement forever. “Start by trying it as a trial experience for one month to see how it goes,” Overstreet says. After the trial period, assess how you feel. “You can always change your mind at any time,” she says.

Everyone has a favorite bed or preferred sleeping environment. But what if you and your partner prefer the same space yet still want to sleep separately?

“If there’s conflict about who gets which bedroom, switch out every few weeks so you can both experience the different rooms,” Overstreet says.

If you or your partner start to feel distant or disconnected, don’t ignore the feeling, Overstreet says. Instead, share it with your significant other.

Checking in frequently is a good way to stay close and feel bonded. “Oftentimes, just taking the time to talk and listen to one another will help reignite the connection,” she says.

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