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#71 Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Dr. Kristie

Fix Yourself First - Episode 71

September 23, 2020

What can our relationships tell us about ourselves?

In this episode, Dr. Kristie is interviewed by Krati Mehra, host of the Beyond the Goals podcast, about the differences between toxic and healthy relationships. We cover a variety of topics ranging from –

  • What a healthy relationship looks like and how we can perform regular relationship audits
  • The signs of a toxic relationship and how to avoid getting trapped into one
  • Relationships for people with mental health issues
  • Character traits typical to people who constantly fall victim to toxicity in their relationship
  • How men and women create a safe space that goes beyond the conventional gender roles
  • How to not turn your partner into a crutch
  • How to openly and effectively communicate issues
  • When to approach a relationship counselor
  • 3 elements of a healthy relationship

Don’t miss this special episode to learn from Krati’s experiences and discover some strategies on how to build and maintain healthy relationships.

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