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#89 Determination, Discipline, and Never Giving Up in the UFC w/ Ashlee Evans-Smith

Fix Yourself First Episode 89 Determination, Discipline, and Never Giving Up in the UFC with Ashlee Evans-Smith

March 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athlete and UFC superstar? Then you’re not going to want to miss this episode where I chat Ashlee Evans-Smith; you may know her as Rebel Girl. She is a world-class athlete, UFC fighter, and MMA artist. Ashlee is a force to be reckoned with physically, intellectually, and creatively. She grew up in a small town, was the only girl on the boy’s wrestling team, she was a college wrestler, and mass communication major. She went through her own journey of trials and tribulations to figure out her life as she developed her athletic career.

From juvenile detention facility for assault with a deadly weapon – she had stabbed a classmate while intoxicated. This almost ruined the opportunities she had created for herself through athletics and academics. She became a model college student for four years and graduated with four years sobriety.

After her college career she started drinking again and dealt with alcoholism throughout her sports career. Through her work with mentors, coaches, and teams, she went pro after 9 amateur fights and she took off!

She is (6-5) overall & looking to fight her way back into the rankings. Once ranked as high as #11 in the world, she knows the top is only a few wins away. She looks forward to building her fight record, moving up the ranks & earning a title shot to get to where she knows she belongs; champion of the world.

Now sober, she appreciates where her life has taken her and hopes that she can help others not make mistakes that she’s made in the past. She’d love to leave this world a better place by inspiring people with her own stories as well as helping others open up about theirs. She is doing this with her new podcast, “Sex & Violence With Rebel Girl” where she interviews high-level fighters, as well as other experts in their fields, about their personal stories of love, romance, and sexual experiences.

You’re going to be inspired by how Ashlee has dealt with her share of struggles along the way. She comes from a family of drug abusers & became an alcoholic at an early age. She shares how she struggled off and on with this until the age of 32 and how she is now creating the life and relationships she deserves.

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