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#94 Body Acceptance with Elizabeth Tripp

Fix Yourself First Episode 94 Body Acceptance with Elizabeth Tripp

April 21, 2021

Do you ever feel not good enough or disconnected from your physical self? In this episode, I chat with Elizabeth Tripp, the owner and founder of Live Life By Your Design, a premium coaching practice that guides entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, and healers to be empowered to build lifestyles they love. She teaches her clients, using her gifts and the lessons she has learned from her own personal soul’s journey, that the secret to creating a lifestyle you love begins with loving the body you’re in.

We discuss:

  • her journey to find acceptance of herself and her body after her relationship ended
  • how powerful our view of our body affects our relationship with ourselves and others
  • how you can support your partner if they struggle with their body image
  • tips to improve our view of our bodies

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