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#95 Get It Together with Eirene Heidelberger

Fix Yourself First Episode 95 Get It Together with Eirene Heidelberger

April 28, 2021

If your a mom or your partner is, don’t miss this episode. We’ll talk about how to Get It Together with certified parenting coach Eirene Hiedelberger. She is also the president & CEO of GIT Mom, a full-service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms “Get It Together.” Her system is the only system that focuses on the mom, rather than the kids, allowing moms to give their children the parenting they need so they have time to do the activities they most enjoy!

She assists moms with every type of parenting issue, such as sleep training, scheduling, returning back to work, and teaching kids the value of listening and respecting others; all with the ultimate goal of empowering moms to be happy, confident, guilt-free parents. Because if mama isn’t happy, then no one is!

We discuss:

  • her journey of figuring out how to keep her individual life outside of being a mom
  • how to not lose herself or her relationship as a parent
  • what most mom’s struggle with and how to change it
  • how she and her husband keep their relationship healthy

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